Where to stay in Zurich


Switzerland is beautiful at any time of the year, in winter it is the snow-covered slopes of the Alps, and in the summer – the bottomless crystal surface of the lakes. Many people discover Switzerland from Zurich Lake and the city of Zurich, which lies along its banks , the monasteries of medieval architecture and famous Swiss banks. In addition to the tourist glory, the town attracts businessmen, businessmen, business people and politicians, so there is no free place in hotels. If you do not want to encounter a problem on your arrival, where to stay in Zurich, you have to solve the housing problem long before the visit to the abode of the rich and successful.

Zurich Hotels

Accommodation in Switzerland can be divided into “expensive” and “very expensive”, and it would be surprising if Zurich lagged behind this trend. Hotels here are not affordable for every tourist and even hostels do not differ in price hospitality. As an excuse, we can say that most hotels are in historic mansions and buildings of past centuries, which raises their prestige and increases value in the eyes of tourists, and at the same time accounts.

The luxurious atmosphere is another distinctive feature of the hotels. Even the rooms in a modern style are furnished with first-class furniture and designer decor items.

In all the hotels of Zurich without exception, there is an impeccable service in accordance with the famous Swiss quality. There is hardly a possible situation with the lack of water, electricity or stale linen, everything is perfect and at the highest level.

Many hotels offer two types of accommodation – with or without breakfast. Lunch and dinner are usually served at an additional cost. Fashionable establishments can include full-value food in the price of the rooms, but it will be costly, although tourists who are able to shell out 500 euros a day, the problem of money is hardly worried. The average hotels are focused on thrifty tourists and offer a minimum set of services.

Cheap hotels in Zurich start from 70 € per room, and find such institutions still need to try. On average, the cost of a room in an economy hotel starts from 80-100 €, although by local standards it is really cheap.

The average price range is between 120-200 €, the specific price depends on the location of the hotel, room category and other nuances.

To expensive include hotels with prices of 200-300 € per night for a double room. And the difference between expensive and medium is not always noticeable and is explained more by the brand, the reputation of the hotel than by the real service. To expensive hotels, as a rule, are attributed to fine gourmet restaurants, often with Michelin stars.

But even with the high prices, there are not many places in hotels in any season, as there is a whole army of tourists and numbers literally in great demand here. If your trip coincides with another international forum, exhibition or conference, and those in Zurich are held regularly, it is better to “score” the place in a few months, and ideally half a year and earlier.

Where to stay in Zurich

Cheap Hotels:

  • Hotel Senator.
  • Olympia Hotel Zurich.
  • Hotel Marta.
  • Ibis Zürich City-West.
  • ZicZac Rock.
  • Hotel Gregory.
  • Hotel St. Georges.

Mid-Range Hotels:

  • Astor Hotel & Serviced Apartments.
  • Holiday Inn Zürich Messe.
  • Novotel Zurich City-West.
  • Mercure Stoller Zürich.
  • Coronado.
  • Neufeld.

Expensive hotels:

  • Swissotel Zurich.
  • Hotel Greulich.
  • Hotel Uto Kulm.
  • Design Hotel L First.
  • Hotel St. Josef.
  • Ambassador Swiss Quality.

You can not ignore exclusive hotels of premium level. Here are insanely expensive rooms, but from some of the names of the establishments it’s a royal chic and a magnificent luxury. Prices start from 500 € and can reach amounts of several thousand euros. Usually here the strongholds of this world stop – politicians, big businessmen, stars, etc. However, you can always arrange a holiday for yourself and lower your annual earnings in a few days, feeling yourself an important person.

Of course, such establishments simply can not be located on the outskirts – the center and only the center, centuries old mansions and villas, royal decoration, spacious rooms in the best traditions of European design and perfected service.

Premium hotels in Zurich:

  • Savoy Baur in Town.
  • Schweizerhof Zurich.
  • Baur au Lac.
  • Hotel Storchen.
  • The Dolder Grand.

Popular Areas

Zurich is not such a big city to worry about because of the long-distance location of the hotel from specific facilities, but, given the high prices for everything, including transportation, to settle closer to the coveted places, it makes sense.

At the price of the room the location of the hotel does not affect much, but the savings of 10-20 € can be expected. In addition, in whatever region you have settled, the neighborhood with beautiful examples of architecture and a breathtaking view from the window is guaranteed.

The best areas for tourists:

  • Алтштадт.
  • Lindenhof.
  • Niderdorf.
  • Эне.
  • Earline.
  • Hochschulen.
  • Rathaus.
  • Zürich-West.


That same Old Town, stretched along the banks of the Limmat River and the local embankment. It is full of medieval cathedrals, squares, churches, noblemen’s mansions, where nowadays Swiss banks and shops are located.

Here is St. Peter’s Cathedral with its rich interior, organ and crystal chandeliers. Today, organ music concerts and other events are held inside. In the Alstadt there are the Grossmünster and Fraumünster cathedrals, you can immediately visit the Reformation Museum and other fascinating expositions.

In the Old Town are the most fashionable hotels, where you can stay in Zurich, restaurants, boutiques, all with the prefix “the best.”


Part of the Alstadt, whose possessions are on the left bank of the river. Lime yard, as the name of the district is translated, in ancient times was a Roman outpost, later reformatting into a favorite place for walks of townspeople and tourists.

The main asset of the area is that it is located on a hill, so it offers an overview of the city and its historical center. You can see the neighborhood by going up to the observation deck.

In Lindenhof, you can walk around the square with a fountain and a monument to women warriors, drink coffee and try the famous Swiss desserts.


Another old district, fanned by revolutionary glory. In one of the local houses once lived Lenin, just before going to Russia tooverthrow the regime. There is also the City Library with a valuable collection of manuscripts and maps. Entire streets in Niederdorf are given for expensive boutiques and restaurants.

In the area there are a lot of architecture of 13-16 centuries, which does not interfere with active nightlife in bars and clubs. From the central square is regularly sent funicular. Excellent transport connections are available with other areas. From the point of view of comfort and arrangement, Niederdorf is most suitable to stay in Zurich.


The smallest area reserved for a comfortable and carefree life. Here you will find the Chinese Garden and the beautiful Belvedere Park. And in the summer time in the beach open the beach zones, because the quarter grew on the shore of Lake Zurich with cool clear water.

At night the district is transformed, opening the doors of clubs, pubs and bars, fun lasts until late at night, sometimes flowing into the morning. Enge is suitable for both youth companies and ordinary tourists. It is located not far from the center. In Enge, many housing offers from the private sector.


The sleeping area is adjacent to the historic quarters. Attractive with more restrained prices and a large number of private apartments. Only 10 minutes by tram – and you are in the Old Town, surrounded by baroque palaces and Renaissance churches.

The area is suitable for guests looking for a place to stay in Zurich in a tranquil, serene setting. The abundance of old architecture here replaces parks, gardens and gardens. And on weekends there is a large-scale fair.


University District – on its territory there are several educational institutions, from here a large number of youth, youth bars, cafes, party places. Since the area belongs to the Old Town, along the way you can admire medieval architecture examples.


Part of the historical center, which grew up around the town hall of the 17th century. The building itself is built in the baroque style and features a rich interior decoration, with stucco, crystal, sculptures and paintings.

Around – the splendor of the old building, between which the bars, gourmet restaurants, clubs were lost. The most tusovka district of Zurich, a great way to combine sightseeing with nightly entertainment.


The islet of urbanism in the old, sophisticated experience of Zurich. The district grew out of the industrial zone. This is evidenced by numerous factory and factory buildings, which can still be recognized in residential buildings. Buildings in which workers used to work, today are converted into lofts, studios and other fashionable apartments.

This is the place where to stay in Zurich in the setting of bohemia, away from historical snobbery and bewitching. Instead of historical mansions and ancient museums, guests are greeted by fashionable studios, theaters, galleries, salons and modern art objects. This is the most glamorous area, full of original restaurants and pubs.

Silhouettes of the former factories harmoniously coexist with the sparkling skyscrapers. It is in Zurich-West is the main high-rise of Switzerland – Prime Tower.

For recreation and entertainment, there are amusement parks, sports and playgrounds, cinemas, shopping complexes. Scary prices boutiques of the center are replaced by inexpensive shops with an excellent choice and adequate price tags.