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10 days 9 nights

We have come up with a program that will allow you to see the cities and resorts that the oligarchs and the great people of this world love so much. We decided to take for this four countries - Switzerland, Austria, the Principality of Liechtenstein and Germany.

5 days 4 nights

The Swiss Riviera is the place of rest for kings! On this tour, you will see the Olympic Lausanne, as well as its embankment Ushi, sung by the young Marina Tsvetaeva Vevey - with its dormant building of the company "Nestle".

11 days 10 nights

The excursion program and rest on the lakes are a perfect combination. This trip gives an opportunity to get acquainted not only with the main sights of Switzerland, but also see the pearl of the country - the Italian part. Switzerland is divided into 3 language parts.

9 days 8 nights

For many years, the Swiss alchemists tried to find the elixir of life - an amazing drug, a drink that could keep a person eternal youth, to give him immortality. Alas, this is still a dream ... Elixir does not exist. But, thanks to their observations, the alchemists were able to make some remarkable discoveries.