What to see in Switzerland

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Crystal clear mountain air, alpine climate, impeccable level of tourist infrastructure, beautiful landscapes, medieval architecture – all this can be enjoyed by coming to Switzerland . The country is famous for the presence of a lot of interesting places, which should be appreciated by connoisseurs of European culture and history.

Season of rest in Switzerland

The choice of the time of year for a journey depends entirely on your individual preferences. Those who like skiing, go to local resorts in winter and early spring. The air temperature during these periods is comfortable for skiing and snowboarding. 
In spring and autumn, people come to Switzerland, as a rule, for the purpose of excursion tourism. Favorable weather allows you to explore key attractions and get acquainted with the cultural heritage. 
In the summer, tourist business is concentrated in the Lugansk, Geneva and Ritsy lakes. Despite the glacial origin of the reservoirs, the water temperature in July-August is quite warm for bathing and sunbathing.

TOP-15 interesting places in Switzerland

Basilica of Notre Dame in Geneva


Near the Geneva railway station is one of the most important Catholic churches in the city. Gothic style clearly distinguishes the structure against the background of others and emphasizes the luxurious decoration. As a material for the construction of the master of the XIX century, sandstone rocks were used, due to which the temple turned out to be a light yellow color. 
In the vast halls of Notre Dame, the sculpture of the Blessed Virgin Mary, made of white stone, is kept. The walls are decorated with ancient bas-reliefs, and in the window apertures graceful stained-glass windows depict scenes from the life of the Middle Ages.

Gruyères Castle

The magnificent building is located in the homonymous town and is considered the most visited. The beginning of the erection of the castle goes back to 1282, after which the owners of Gruyere changed 20 times. Each of the owners of the castle supplemented it with new architectural elements, which allowed creating an individual style. 
A few centuries ago the main function of the castle was to protect the city from the raids of foreign invaders. At present, Gruyere has turned into a museum that is best visited in summer or spring. Numerous rooms present a collection of knight armor, paintings and clothing.  

The Rhine Falls


Near the Swiss town of Neuhausen am Rheinfall every summer there is an accumulation of tourists who want to see the largest waterfall in Europe with their own eyes . Stormy streams of water are falling from a height of twenty meters, creating a striking visual effect. 
In order to make it easy for visitors to admire this natural phenomenon, local authorities decided to build five observation platforms, from where the most successful species open. So, on the boat you can swim to the central area, and then continue your route towards Laufen Castle.

Chapel Brucke

Residents of Lucerne are proud of the ancient European bridge, built in 1365. Initially, the building served as a defensive fortification of a covered type and connected the old and new parts of the city. In the middle of the bridge towers tower Wasserturm, where 10 centuries ago there was a dungeon, and then a fire tower. 
The peculiarity of the Chapel Bridge is that the building resembles a gallery along which triangular patterns are hung. Unfortunately, in 1993 there was a fire that destroyed 78 picturesque masterpieces.

The Gornergrat Railway

Also considered a famous attraction of Switzerland, as it passes through the most beautiful natural areas of the country. Compositions ply along the road thanks to a well-established electrification system, supplying the train with the necessary energy. The length of the railroad track is nine kilometers. 
Tourists enjoy Gornergrat most often in order to get to the territory of the popular resort of Zermatt . A trip by rail will give you maximum pleasure, as you can admire the surrounding landscapes.

Bern Cathedral


The highest building in Bern is at the same time part of UNESCO’s cultural heritage. The characteristic features of the cathedral are slender lines, a pointed roof, a bell tower and octagonal apses towering for 100 meters. 
The first building was built in 1224, as evidenced by numerous historical sources. Later on, other buildings appeared near the cathedral, and later a bell weighing 100 tons was cast. To this day, in the cathedral, there are buzzing blows of the bell during the divine services.

Botanical Garden

In Geneva there are not only architectural objects, but also beautiful park complexes, which include the Botanical Garden. You can get to this place absolutely free of charge. The garden area is designed according to a thematic principle and includes:

  • A zone of exotic plants;
  • Zone of fauna;
  • Pavilion with pink flamingos;
  • A zone of unusual aromas;
  • Touch pavilion.

Walking from one part of the garden to the other, tourists stop at cozy cafes to try delicious dishes of national cuisine and buy souvenirs.

Museum of Art and History

The structure is considered to be the largest museum in Switzerland and attracts tourists thanks to unique collections. Under the building of the museum was allocated a chic palace, built in the style of late classicism. 
In the spacious halls are located priceless exhibits from different eras, represented by Impressionist paintings, stone, clay and precious metal products, sculptures, as well as objects of everyday life. At the request of visitors, museum staff conduct excursions, during which you can learn interesting historical facts.



In the Alps, near the resort zone of Zermatt, stands a mountain at a height of 4,500 meters. The slopes of the Matterhorn are a favorite place for climbers, as they have unusual outlines and a high level of difficulty in climbing. The first attempts to conquer the mountain were successfully completed in the middle of the XIX century, after which a special tourist route was laid to the peak. 
Today, travelers who prefer extreme types of recreation, I come to the foot of the Matterhorn to admire the winter scenery and try my hand at climbing to the top.

Grossmunster Cathedral

The main building of the sights was built in 1090 on the site where the Carolingian church stood in Zurich earlier . However, it became operational only 180 years later. On the basis of Grossmunster, for a long time there was a man’s monastery, shrouded in legend. 
Tradition says that the founder of the cathedral, Charles the Great, rode his horse through the streets of the city. The animal stopped and fell to its knees where the holy patrons of Zurich were buried. After this incident, Charles ordered the construction of a church that is not inferior in its grandeur to other churches.

St. Moritz


The resort is located in the Engadine Valley and is considered to be the oldest in Switzerland. It is worth noting that in St. Moritztwice held the Olympic Games, which made him a visiting card of the country. 
The main stream of tourists is sent to this resort area in the winter, when bobsleigh, downhill skiing and snowboarding competitions are held here. In free from competitions, music festivals and gastronomic festivals are organized where national cuisine is tasted. To visit St. Moritz is a great opportunity to see not only the key attractions of the country, but also to plunge into the resort life of Switzerland.

Lake Geneva

Another natural object of the country, where all year round lovers come to a quiet and fashionable holiday. The reservoir is located on the borders of France and Switzerland. Nearby you can see the village of Ivoir, whose residents welcome foreign guests with cordiality. 
 The surroundings of the lake are ideal for a vacation in a peaceful atmosphere. Walking along the coastline can be combined with the inspection of the Chillon Castle, which is included in the top ten architectural creations of Switzerland. In July and August, the water in the lake warms up quite well, and visitors often arrange picnics on the coast.

Old Town of Zurich


Separate attention deserves the district of Zurich, where the construction of the city began. Twenty years after the appearance of the first blocks, the old part of the city had to be divided into two large zones, which the Limmat River shares. 
No trip to Switzerland can not do without an excursion to this place, because here the spirit of the past is harmoniously combined with the features of a modern metropolis. Town halls, churches, cobbled streets, cozy yards, boutiques, bars and lanterns of unusual shape are the pride of Zurich and its inhabitants.

Transport Museum

Such a non-standard museum is located in Lucerne and is included in a huge entertainment complex, which houses a cinema, a planetarium and theme parks. The opening of the museum took place in 1959 and already at that time, in addition to the exhibition pavilions, open areas for demonstrating exhibits were equipped. 
The collection mainly consists of various types of transport, as well as works by the famous sculptor Hans Ernie. The museum differs from the others in that each visitor can sit behind the wheel of an old car and travel several decades ago.

Clock tower


The medieval structure is a symbol of Bern because the central part of the tower is decorated with large clocks made many centuries ago. The uniqueness of the watch movement lies in its complexity: a separate device for the correct movement of the arrows and a system of parts that activates the figures. 
Every day around the tower people gather to hear and see the grand spectacle of the battle of the chimes. Outwardly it resembles a theatrical performance, accompanied by the sounds of time counting, dancing bears and original lighting.

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